Websites should be furnished, not finished.

Is your website furnished?

One of the first things I am asked by new client's is "When will my website be finished?".  My answer usually consists of "Hopefully never!".  A website should be something that grows alongside your business, so with this in mind, do you wish for your business to be 'finished'?  I hope not.

Starting a business is a little bit like getting on the property ladder, so you can think of the websites I build like the first studio flat which was affordable and practical, but not necessarily what you hope to raise your family in 10 years later.  You should be proud of your first place, populate it with nice furnishings, pretty pictures and comfy places for your friends to sit.  But let's face it, it's not really the place for holding concerts with a grand piano and string quartet, nor will it be the place to buy a custom built kitchen with one of those fancy islands in the middle.  There's barely enough room for a microwave remember.

When you've purchased your first little website, it doesn't have to be all singing and all dancing, it just has to represent you and what you do, whilst having the ability to grow with you as you and your business grows.

I choose to make websites in WordPress, one of the reasons for this is that it can literally grow from your first little studio flat into that 14 bedroom, 6 bathroom, indoor swimming pool with an apple orchard… just because.  WordPress can be simple and small, which is where I like to begin, but with the use of additional technology and some very clever developers, WordPress websites can become something so much more.  A simple example of growth would be initially adding one testimonial in a pretty designed box on the homepage, to later adding a rotating self-populating banner with many testimonials.  Another example, listing a sample of your product or service prices on a page quite simply named 'Sample prices', then at a later date add an entire e-commerce package which links to your accounting and customer management software, populated by a stock list imported for convenience.

So as you can see, as long as you are proud of your WordPress (studio flat) Website, proud enough to show it off and invite people in, it will be perfect for you when it's furnished.  Call me (Alison) on 07766 720 830 if you need a helping hand 😉