Price List

A price list designed for you…

*Prices have been updated as of August 2017*

Please remember, we take 25% off for for Charities AND Start ups.  … because we are nice 🙂

Alison’s WordPress Website Training = £25 per hour

I currently provide training via Skype to help you build your own website.  You will need access to Skype and the training will be provided in 4 hour sessions as required.

A New Website = £500.00

  • Built using WordPress Software
  • Clients to have full access (adding text & images etc)
  • General layout and design included
  • Search Engine Optimisation feature attached (not fully optimised)
  • Additional features also included if required:
    • Contact form
    • Gallery
    • Image slider (changing/fading images)
    • Twitter Connection

Managed Hosting = £120.00 per year

NB: No longer includes domain purchase as of January 2016

  • Hosting of domain for one year
  • Website support (amendments/ phone calls/ questions under 15 minutes)
  • E-mail accounts i.e

Domain purchase = £10.00 per year (Only provided along with hosting, for domain only purchases visit 123-Reg)

  • Purchase of domain name (subject to availability)

Website Help = £25.00 per hour

  • Generally for existing websites
    • Small amendments to website including changes of text or images
    • Changes to address or contact details
    • Addition of external links (links to other websites)
  • Consultation
    • Advice regarding general website and online requirements
    • Additional support for meetings with appointed website developers (i.e. helping to
      decipher the technical language and ensure the developer understands your
  • Social media – can I help answer your questions?
    • What is it?
    • How do I use it?
    • Is it worth it?