Keep going, keep doing your thing!

Keep going, keep doing your thing!

I have now been running my business for over ten years and I have over 200 clients that I work with regularly. This number fluctuates for various reasons, but as a sort of 'ball park figure' it's there or there about.

Over the years, the first time probably being about 6 months after I started up, I have been asked the question "Are you still doing your websites thing?" And over the years, although always polite in my response, I have felt different levels of irritation. The last time I was asked was only a few months ago, and since then I have pondered why this question drives me so crazy.

If I were to just stop doing my 'website thing' today, not only would there be some very unhappy customers, but some very unhappy suppliers too. It would be hugely irresponsible behavior on my part and quite frankly a very strange occurrence to have happened. Do people really just 'stop doing a thing' and vanish? Puff, gone! I wonder if Steve Jobs ever got asked "Are you still doing your computer thing?"

Running a business isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle, it's a privilege and more so, despite some people's perception, it really is a real job.

My message today to all of you out there working hard to create a successful business, well done!

Keep going and keep doing your thing!

Alison x