Website Developer Bristol

website developer Bristol

website developer Bristol

There are many WordPress website developers in Bristol, but how do you decide which to choose?

Alison’s Websites was formed out of a frustration in the market place that so many people (including Alison’s mum) were not being sold the type of development they needed because they didn’t know what they wanted. Small businesses bought unnecessary coding at higher prices than necessary; they were being hoodwinked!

Alison’s ideal client is someone who doesn’t understand how websites are made but simply tells her what they think they want- she will then assimilate their requirements into a well developed website, excellently coded that is responsive to mobile devices. She has one simple price, she speaks simple language and will give you a straightforward date as to when your website will be completed. What else would you want from a website developer?

Alison started developing websites from her spare room in Bristol and in mid 2014 moved to offices Easton, Bristol with her first employee. In February 2015, she took on a second employee so that she could help more small businesses with their online presence, helping them make their first steps into the world of the Internet.

Developing websites in WordPress is fairly straightforward because much of the code that creates the functionality i.e. contact forms, galleries, banners etc. is open source (i.e. free). Therefore the expertise is not writing the code but finding the best code and then configuring it to best suit her clients.

If you live in or around Bristol and need a website designed and developed, and want a simple, no nonsense price then get in touch with Alison’s Websites and take the next steps into the world of Online.