G & Ts

Alison’s G&Ts

That’s Guidelines and Terms, not a glass of something yummy!

We like to keep things really simple but understand that some of our clients want detailed legal terms and conditions, if you want these they are available on request, for everyone else we have summarised the important bits.

1.       We only work with lovely people with lovely website needs; Small Business owners, Start-ups, Charities or just about anyone that needs a nice website made. We don’t ask you to sign anything but by accepting a website being made by us you agree to the following, and we’ll assume you have read and agreed to all of the following.

2.       We make nice little WordPress websites, if you need something else we can introduce you to;

a.       Fancy Web Developers
i.      They can do blogs
ii.      E-Commerce (on-line) shops
iii.     And other fancy stuff like full image backgrounds

b.       Arty web and logo Designers
c.       Patient bigger website makers
d.       Geeky SEO’ers to get you to the top of Google
e.       Googly AdWorders
f.       Wordy content writers
g.       Snappy photographers
h.       Wizzy Videographers
i.       Socially acceptable Social Media experts

3.         Our pricing is simple; we will make you a website in WordPress for £400 or you can build it yourself with us holding your hand for just £225! What does a website come with?

a.     Mobile ready……all our websites are Mobile responsive
b.     Contact Forms, yes people could contact you from your website.
c.     We’ll add the text but you need to provide it or get a Wordy content writer to do it.
d.     We’ll add your photos, images or video even in a gallery but again you need to get this to us we don’t source images.
e.     We put in a SEO ‘plugin’ (ask us if you don’t know what this means) but don’t optimise it, you need a Geeky SEO’er for this.
f.      Social media plugins we can do this but don’t Socialise for you.

4.     We can then sort out the other bits for your website to be on-line like:
a.     Hosting & basic Support, – 1st year £150 then it’s £120 each year
b.     Domain name – £10 each year
c.     Adhoc complex help or updates taking longer than 15 minutes – £25 per hour
d.     Setting up your e-mail (free with website)
e.     Rotating banners this is a bit complex so – £25 per hour
f.      Future re-builds charged at time of request

5.     We love to eat and drink yummy things, but to do this we need you to pay us. We ask for half the money up front, this then sets out what you’d like us to do for you, we will send you an invoice once you’re up and running and ask to be paid promptly (that’s straight away if you could please). Then next year we will invoice you a month before for hosting and the domain if you want us to continue doing this for you. Like wine, once we’ve drunk the bottle no returns!! The same with all our services, sorry, refunds are not possible!

6.     So who owns your website?? Well you paid for it so it’s yours silly. We don’t retain any rights over your website, the content, the domain or anything at all….. You’d not buy some shoes and expect that the store still has rights over them would you? But we do ask that we can put our brand on your website so people visiting it can get one from us too.

7.     We love new start-up businesses, but we understand how setting up a new business is really costly (we’ve been there) particularly when you’ve got no customers yet! So we want to help, if you can help us to help you. We will build you a website for £200 but we need your help in making it quickly. You can help by getting us everything we need to have your site up and running in 6 weeks, otherwise unfortunately we’ll need to charge the normal price.

8.     Charities, we are here for you too, and offer a discount to charities and social groups, it’s the same deal as for start-ups. So a website for £200 and you’ll get us everything we need to have your site up and running in 6 weeks.

To download these G & Ts in PDF format please click here

If you suffer from insomnia we do have full terms and conditions please contact us for these at accounts@alisonswebsites.co.uk