What is hosting?

I will soon add a picture to demonstrate what hosting is, however, to begin with… imagine a house:

There’s the ground it’s built on
This would be the equivalent of a webiste’s hosting. All of the files, picture and words, and the layout which would make the foundations of the website needs to be held somewhere where not only you (the owner of the website), but everyone on the internet can also see. We rent this space from hosting companies, this is not free. Even I have to pay for hosting, and I make websites all day long.

Then we need to have the address
We call this the domain name (www.alisonswebsites.co.uk). This means that when a person searches the internet for your domain name in the address bar (not google)that person will find your house, aka website.

The majestic building we call home
Once you have the space to build your website on, and the address where a visitor can find you, you then need a nice cozy home to invite your guest into. This would be the website. Where a house is made of foundations, bricks, walls and windows… our website must have folders and files which hold pictures and layout options. We use code to tell a computer to show the images and text we wish a visitor to see, sometimes a website developer will code every line of a website… I prefer to use a template where someone else has done the hard work.

At last, the soft furnishings…
Now we have a warm and welcoming website to invite people to, we now need to make sure they find what they are looking for. Create the right pages, show the right images and talk to them in words they understand. This information when we build wordpress websites is held in a database. This information is also stored within the hosting package.

Let me help you out, call me and I can teach you everything you want to know… 07766 720 830

Alison x