About Alison

I am Alison Jones, originally from Milton Keynes but now, after living and running Alison’s Websites from Bristol for 7 years, I am now situated in Essex.  I have worked within large Corporate businesses for my 10 year finance career, before jumping into the online world of website making.

With both parents being self-employed, I suppose it was inevitable that I too would one day be my own boss. I have now found pleasure in being able to control my own days, as well as help other small businesses in the financial and marketing sectors.

During my earlier career I was lucky to have learned extensive knowledge of spreadsheets and pure mathematics, which not only enabled me to enhance my book-keeping abilities, but also gave me a great stepping stone to producing websites. You see, when a computer user sees pretty pictures and words on a website, all of this is actually generated from a code. I have been able to transfer my previous working skills into learning the basic programming for such code, and am now able to produce websites (much like the one you are looking at now) using spreadsheets. Although building websites with spreadsheets is a little bit odd, it actually is very time efficient. Using a spreadsheet to build a website means that we can turnaround a responsive website in one day.

Aside from the book-keeping and website work, I very much enjoy dancing. Salsa dancing has been a huge passion of mine recently where I have been lucky enough to learn from one of the best. So if my business doesn’t interest you, please don’t be afraid to find me on the dance floor.

Here are a few random pictures of me to prove I am real…